Rachael Berkeley, LCSW
Counseling for Children, Families & Adults

phone: 503.309.2368

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What To Expect

Therapy can be a little confusing for first-timers. How strange to talk to a complete stranger about your thoughts and feelings! Most people would say that this initial discomfort fades within a few sessions as connections are created and trust is built. This is the process of "getting the hang of therapy," and I encourage you to be patient. 

When we first meet, we’ll work together so that I can get a better understanding of what you hope to gain from counseling. This often entails getting a history of you and your family, understanding what you’ve tried in the past to address the problem, what has worked and what hasn’t worked so well. I will ask you to fill out a questionnaire prior to our first session, which I can send via email or snail mail. This questionnaire will enhance the first session and the assessment process.