Rachael A. Berkeley, LCSW
Adult, Child, and Family Therapist

My name is Rachael Berkeley and I have a Masters in Social Work (MSW). I am also a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW). I provide counseling services to adults, children, and families from my private practice office in Northeast Portland. I also provide clinical and licensure supervision.

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Contact Information:
2106 NE 40th Avenue
Portland, Oregon  97212
Phone 503.309.2368
Fax 503.282.0337

My office is located in the Hollywood neighborhood near public transportation and lots of parking.

Would you like to attend therapy to better understand yourself or others, to make changes leading to more happiness, or to make relationships more fulfilling?

Would you like help with understanding why your child does the things (s)he does, why you respond the way you do, what you and the family can do to get along better, or how to deal with hard transitions and changes?

Please contact me for a free confidential 15-minute consultation at 503.309.2368. 

I work with adults, children, and families to address a variety of issues including: 

  • difficult transitions                         
  • grief and loss
  • communication difficulties
  • stress
  • low self-esteem
  • anger
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • school challenges
  • social/peer challenges
  • family or relationship challenges
  • divorce/separation issues
  • co-parenting and single parenting
  • parenting questions and challenges
  • adoptive family issues
  • foster family issues
  • peer pressure
  • sexual abuse
  • trauma
  • difficulty with concentration or focus


Rachael Berkeley, LCSW
Counseling for Children, Families & Adults

phone: 503.309.2368

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"Human resiliency, creativity, strength, and commitment demonstrate how trust in oneself,
coupled with a desire to change, can lead to incredible growth."
-Rachael Berkeley

"He finally felt safe enough to get rid of the walls he built around him. I feel that some healing took place in his heart.
Thank you for working with us. It was hard, but rewarding."
-Parent of a 14 year-old